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The Ultimate Wedding Planning E-Book

We took everything we loved and hated about traditional wedding books to create the ultimate wedding planning e-book! In this 100+ guide you'll find all the information you need (without the filler!), including:

A 100+ page e-book that will walk you through every stage of wedding planning, including:

  •  How to create a budget you can stick to
  •  A looks at what couples are actually spending on vendors
  •  How to figure out your wedding priorities in one night
  •  Catering terms you should know
  •  What you should rent vs. buy
  •  Picking a floral color palette that works
  •  How to make sure you pick the right music for your wedding
  •  Are photographer albums actually better than ones you buy yourself?
  •  Dessert tables vs. wedding cakes (and how much you’ll pay for each)
  •  How to write meaningful vows (and what to leave out of them)
  •  A therapist shares the most common relationship mistake you’ll want to avoid in marriage
  •  When to send your wedding invites
  •  The etiquette around plus ones and kids
  •  Where to register, and how to tactfully ask for cash
  •  When to start shopping for your wedding dress (and how much alternations will really cost you)
  •  Should you rent or buy a tux?
  •  Essential hair and makeup tips to make sure you stay picture-perfect (even through ugly crying)
  •  How to create a wedding day timeline that works
  •  Everything you need to bring with you on your wedding day
  •  What to tip your wedding vendors (and when)
  •  How to pandemic-proof your wedding (and the contract clause you need to have going forward) 

What People Are Saying:

I bought A LOT of wedding planning books when I got engaged, and I have to say this is the most thoroughly researched, HONEST book I've read and I've been recommending it to all my friends!!!!


I wish I had this last year when I was going crazy trying to figure out how much vendors should cost and what was worth splurging on. Even though we're getting married in May it has helped keep us on track and make last-minute decisions we were on the fence about.